We have taken several steps to adapt our work routines in the field and office to address the COVID-19 disease threat.

  • Most of our employees work from home to minimize travel.
  • Employees use their own individual vehicles for fieldwork.
  • Employees have been assigned their own specific field gear and equipment.
  • Field equipment is not shared.
  • Employees have a sanitization kit to keep their vehicle and field gear clean.
  • Employees are required to maintain social distance during fieldwork.
  • Frequently touched surfaces throughout the office are sanitized twice a day.
  • Delivery personnel are met at the front door and entry into the building is restricted.
  • Mail is delivered to our outside mailbox.
  • We have reduced our weekly janitorial schedule to one day for one person to clean bathrooms when regular staff are not present.
  • Other cleaning tasks are done in-house by AINW staff.
  • Cleaning supplies are provided for individuals to sanitize their desks, computers, and phones.
  • Staff are reminded to cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Staff are reminded to wash hands frequently and to avoid touching their face.
  • Social distance at the office is maintained and monitored by a designated employee.
  • Employees are kept informed of safety requirements and protective measures.

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